The space fairing web3 tooling companion from the future

I don't know what
it is about space

But I've always wanted to go

backflip off some comet

Float Around some Satellites

You Know,

Space Stuff

So I went to school

Which was great

I suppose

I just wanted to build a rocket

And Fly to Motherfucking Space

At Night

After Work

I would Tinker

And Tinker

And At a certain point

I became unhinged

but then

I met Ape


Access multiple chains at the same time:

Access local (forked), testnet, and live networks while testing and scripting, all from the same command line session.
Configuration is quick and easy and ad hoc connections are supported.

Customize your stack with
Ape Plugins:

Plugin creation and support from simple integrations to a more complex ecosystem.
Non-EVM chains are already being supported.

Extensive contract lifecycle management features:

Contracts can be compiled, tested, deployed, and analyzed using scripts and the built-in Ape console. Verification is supported as well as package manifest creation.

Advanced account security:

Protected access to your accounts with encrypted keyfiles. Integration with hardware wallets for added security.

Debugging for both development and production:

Development is aided by transaction tracing and gas reporting integrated in the command line.

Use the power of Python's data science tooling:

Use Ape in Juypter notebooks along with your favorite Python libraries like Pandas, Numpy, and others.